Synsor CorporationProduct Engineer

July 2012 - October 2012

Everett, Washington

A fully assembled kiosk.

Job Description
At Synsor, my job as a product engineer is to design components for store kiosks using SolidWorks. The kiosks have several different standard configurations, and my work often involves customizing existing components according to state health and fire codes or space restrictions. Recently, I made a designed a set of cabinets with overall dimensions of 72"x48"x24". The full kiosk models are assembled and shown to the clients for verification and input.

We also use clients' feedback following installation to continuously improve the kiosk design. For example, after receiving reports about issues with the ceiling structure sagging, I designed a metal support to attach to the canopy frame.

My position has improved my design skills and has given me first-hand experience with product data management (PDM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) software. My proficiency with SolidWorks has also improved as a result.