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PremierXD engineered and built several fixtures for a hotel in downtown Seattle. As part of this project, I worked with another engineer figuring out how to manufacture a window screen for one of the upper floors. It was a fixture that spanned from floor to ceiling, and it had to be able to stand upright without any visible fasteners. Also, because of its width, it would have to fit in a freight elevator and be assembled on site.

For structural rigidity, we decided early on that the columns should be constructed without a horizontal seam in the middle, and we confirmed that they could fit in the elevator like this. We split the main portion of the window screen into four sections that could be joined together without visible fasteners. The horizontal pieces of wood were supported by wood blocks placed in the framing.

Once the window screen was fully installed and squared, the general contractor used pin nails to attach several decorative 1/4" triangular pieces of wood.

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