U-Channel Photo Mount

3D Printing


Product Development

3D printing is a great resource for hobbyists who want to print objects for fun or for practical purpose. Model repositories like Thingiverse provide access to all sorts of creative toys, figures, and projects. However, I feel the technology is most useful when it is paired with the ability to also create or modify the models.

A few years ago, I bought an art piece to hang in my bedroom, but it came with aluminum u-channels on the back. I was unsure about how to hang it, but after some research found out that it is usually hung with cables attached to a support bar on the ceiling. Because it is highly visible and a lot of effort to install, I opted instead to create a mounting solution of my own.

I modeled a two-piece bracket that could be screwed to the wall. One side has an offset that leaves a gap between the two pieces that allows the free end of the u-channel to slot inside. Because the channel is one continuous piece, the picture is able to slide along the wall when pushed, meaning that there is much more horizontal adjustability than a wire and nail solution. Additionally, the brackets and channel push the picture off the wall and gives a free-floating effect when viewed from the front.

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