Pen Security Clip

Injection Molding
3D Printing (Prototype)


Product Development

Synsor was often involved in both the design and engineering of retail displays. When one client asked for a way to secure the stylus for their tablet to the table, we came up with a two-piece solution. One part would clip around the stylus with a loose fit, and then a second part would slip over to secure it in place. It was also design to be used near the back of the pen so that it would not be obtrusive when consumers tried writing with it.

Wanting to test this solution before investing in tooling for injection molding, we turned to 3D printing to validate the design. At the time, I owned a MakerBot Replicator 2X, and I printed several clips to test on the sample stylus the client had sent us. We made several updates based on these prints, such as adding a directional arrow to the outer clip so that retail employees could more clearly understand how to assemble it in store.

The final step in the development process was figuring out how to secure the stylus and the clip to a display table. My coworker proposed using a cable with a ball bearing on one end, and he worked with the clip manufacturer to have it molded in place when the plastic was poured.

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