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In 2018, PremierXD built several kitchens, reception areas, and restrooms for shared office spaces. Although they were all managed by the same company, each location was designed with its own unique styles.

One of the reception desks I engineered needed to be curved on either end. We used slatwall panels and bent them around an MDF frame to achieve the desired effect. The center portion of the desk also had plugs for equipment with an access panel below to hide the wiring.

For one kitchen area, the client requested a metal trellis with a portion that dropped down to hold cups for an espresso machine underneath. The table had an aesthetic wood face that wrapped around the corner. Although there were visible standoffs on the wood, they were only for visual effect.

I also handled restrooms for several locations. I had never engineered restrooms before, and I learned a great deal about the relevant health regulations, such as holding the panels 6" off the floor, as well as ADA requirements that dictated the width of passages and the size of the ADA stall.

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