Hi, I'm Shelley. I was born and raised in Hawaii before leaving to attend the University of Washington for college. My first year, I took an introductory engineering course in Computer-Aided Design where I learned the basics of SolidWorks. I would use SolidWorks again my junior year when I began to use the 3D printing lab for class projects. It was then that I became enamored with 3D printing technology. For my senior year, I joined a 3D printing capstone and worked as part of a group to make a large format printer. My component involved using several motors to vibrate powder chambers, opening up the potential for multiple material 3D prints.

After graduating, I was hired by Synsor Corporation where I worked as a product engineer for the Starbucks kiosk program. I spent the first few months learning about standard manufacturing techniques for wood, solid surface, and metal components. I became the lead of the program after about a year and oversaw a team of roughly five people. A few years later, I led the development of a new kiosk layout that would become the basic template for all manufacturers, including Synsor.

In 2015, I decided to switch to freelancing work. I continued doing engineering work for Synsor, although I moved to the Product Development team. I sought the additional challenge and creativity of engineering for a variety of clients with different needs.

Outside of work, I use CAD to create custom models for myself and others.